ARMONI MT Ltd., located in Petrich, Bulgaria was established by Marios Zichnalis and Triantafillos Anagnostakis on May 25th, 2010. The company’s birth stemmed from the rising need for innovative, groundbreaking ideas in the fields of energy and technology.


ARMONI MT Ltd. delves in areas such as:


  • Development of innovative technologies.

  • Water resources’ utilization / alternative energy.

  • Renewable energy sources.

  • Factory units’ design / manufacturing.


In order to accomplish these goals, ARMONI MT Ltd. conducts studies, designs and construction of original solutions in proprietary machining and laboratory areas. The Company’s team, a group of accomplished and experienced engineers in a broad field spectrum, and surrounded by a competent staff and partners, are well equipped to fulfill and further their goals, and even improve existing ones.


Zichnalis Marios

Co-Founder / Co-CEO / Official Spokesperson

Mechanical Engineer

Anagnostakis Stylianos

Research & Design / Communications /  Technical Support

Mechanical & Computer Engineer

Anagnostakis Triantafillos

Co-Founder / Co-CEO / Marketting Strategy

Sales & Marketing Manager

Zichnalis Evangelos

Research / Public Relations

Environmental Engineer

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