Water Disinfection

Chlorine Dioxide LQ75 is the perfect product for water disinfection. Comprised of 2 ingredients (A&B), it eliminates any harmful microorganism and detrimental residue (biofilm) when introduced to a body of water. It can be applied on an individual or industrial level, without the need of additional investment in equipment, training or safety precautions.

It is the ideal solution for disinfecting water supplies that include:

Individual Households

Municipalities' water reserves

Public Buildings (Schools, Hospitals)


Animal Farms


Utility water reserves (e.g. swimming pools)

Ballast water




100% ClO₂

Additional LQ75® benefits:


High life expectancy (5 years sealed package).

High durability of prepared solution (half-life of 35-50 days).

At least 10 times more powerful than chlorine.

Easy dosage and monitoring.

On site production.

Air & Space Disinfection / Hygiene Improvement

ARMONI MT Ltd. offers innovative services and products to help alleviate the ever growing issue of contaminated workplaces and living areas, providing a positive, harmless environment and improving quality of life.

A100 ULV Cold Mist Fogger

Suitable for fogging with ClO₂ solutions of up to 7.500 ppm

It has a large flow rhythm of a maximum 15 LPH, and can easily cover a 100 m² in a few minutes. With a droplet size of 5 micron and a sufficient autonomy due to its 5lt tank, ARMONI Fogger 100 (A100) can complete the most demanding tasks with ease.

Chlorine Dioxide LQ75 Gel

The most optimal solution for improving the hygiene of a space. Contrary to most conventional odour treatments that merely mask bad odours, the LQ75 Gel is truly capable of eliminating the source of the issue. The ClO₂ released by the Gel breaks down the molecules responsible for unpleasant odours (oxygen ions are released alongside the vapors, that eliminate airborne bacteria, mold and viruses). The process is slow, and lasts for approximately one month. Each Gel container covers an area of 45m².


Slow, gradual release of ClO₂ vapors at undetectable, safe levels (configurable)

Simple instructions of use

No investments in mechanisms, batteries, service etc.

The Gel will turn ochre approximately 10 minutes after mixing,

and will become immediately active.

Once 30 days have elapsed, the Gel will have full discoloration,

indicating its expiration

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂)

Chlorine Dioxide is a versatile, entirely safe and environmentally friendly product that is set to lead us into the modern age, eliminating the need for Chlorine and other conventional means of disinfection.

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